Thursday, December 9, 2010

a pink Christmas

Look what Hank dragged home from the Falmouth dump yesterday...a brand new pink Christmas tree, with lights, and still in the box. Had to put it up in our bedroom! Love the "bargain barn" at the's amazing what decorating potential can be had there...just waiting for a little glue, a coat of paint or a new use. And living in Falmouth gives us access to some pretty nice trash!


Anonymous said...

you can never have enuf Cmas trees, imho. I keep them and the lights up all year! When it's a heat wave in July and I'm still a month away from Maine it makes me feel great! It's the Pine Tree State for a good reason:-) Sarah in Chicago

Cheryl said...

Love the idea of keeping a tree up year round...sounds as if you really miss Maine, Sarah. Maybe we can meet in person next summer when you come up to see Aaron. Thanks for your comments!

Joanne said...

Love it !