Friday, February 24, 2012

My Sister's Scarves

When my sister, Nancy, first lost her hair from chemo in 2005, I started sewing scarves...

and I didn't stop for five years.

I thought I was making the scarves to help Nancy but I realize now that I was doing it to help myself  too.


The sicker Nancy got, the more I sewed...

Nancy had a scarf for every occasion...

for her favorite cat...

 her favorite team...

and for every holiday.

Her 3rd grade students loved the fact that "Mrs. Tufts" always had the perfect scarf for every classroom party!

She kept them pinned to a little clothesline in her bedroom.

 I made so many scarves that Nancy couldn't possibly wear them all...

 so we began to make scarves to donate to other women going through chemo.

Monday night, Nancy's husband, Aaron, stopped by...

to bring me Nancy's scarves.

Holding them flooded me with memories...I held my nose to them to try to smell feel her with me again.

A few days have passed. I think I'm ready to let go of Nancy's scarves. Tomorrow I'll wash and iron them to donate to the Maine Womens' Cancer Center.

And while I'm at it, maybe I'll finish all the rest of them that are cut out and ready to be sewn that other women can wear them.

I think Nancy would like that.

In loving memory of my sister, Nancy Tufts
1952 - 2010

Monday, February 20, 2012

Tupperware...A Collectible Now?

Boy, do I feel old! 

 I just realized that Tupperware is now considered "vintage".

According to a "What's It Worth"" article in Country Living, this set of Tupperware nesting bowls with lids (which I think we all had at some point) is now worth $45.00 as a collectible...if I'd only known!

Saturday I stopped in at a local flea market and lo and behold...a whole booth full of "vintage" Tupperware...

Recognize any of these oldies but goodies? I sure do!

I think I spy a "cracker keeper" and "lettuce keeper" in this photo...we all thought we needed those back in the day, didn't we?

And how about the ever-handy "Deviled Egg Tray"? This one was priced at $10.00 at the flea market.

This Tupperware postcard from the Tupper Diva website features the Egg Tray ready to party...

When I got home from the flea market, I rummaged around in the back of the pantry closet and found that I still had  my very own Deviled Egg Tray. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I must have actually purchased one at some point...handy for those deviled eggs I make about once every five years. What was I thinking?

And who can forget molded jello salads...a hit at every dinner party in the 60's and early 70's.  My favorite at the time was lime jello with cottage cheese and chopped walnuts.

Yup...I found the jello mold in my pantry too. I've lost all but one of the interchangeable designs for the top but otherwise it's still in pretty good shape.

And who could forget the excitement of the neighborhood Tupperware party? Maybe as young mothers we were just desperate for any excuse to get out of the house. At these events we played silly games (I hated those) and then sold plastic bowls to one another. One question: Were we CRACKED???

If you already had plenty of bowls, you could always find decorative accessories for your table at a Tupperware party. Remember this Sputnik-inspired salt and pepper set? Looking back, I wonder why the kids weren't afraid that it would blast off for galaxies unknown in the middle of dinner.

Speaking of Tupperware parties, do you remember that women actually dressed up to go to them?



2012...We women have finally figured out how to party...

We can attend each other's blog parties in our pajamas, no purchase required. And if we find ourselves craving deviled eggs in front of the computer?  Forget the Tupperware...a paper plate will do just fine!

Do you remember Tupperware parties?

p.s.  Can you tell that it's school vacation week? This teacher/blogger finally has time to write some of the many posts I've been carrying around in my head for awhile!

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sweatin' With the Oldie

Make that "A Sweatin' Oldie". I finally did it...broke down and joined a gym! (At least I don't have to wear a gym suit anymore...remember those?)  I've been working out for three weeks now and have managed to gain 2 pounds!

Believe me, it wasn't easy for this hates-to-sweat blogger to locate the perfect gym. I had lots of requirements but the most important one was...

I was determined not to huff and puff in front of a cadre of tiny women in spandex. If I could have found a gym that promised "no sweat" that would have been on my list too.

I start with a dreaded warm up on the treadmill. Notice I chose the treadmill closest to the door...just in case I decide to give up and run for my life!

I also chose the treadmill closest to the I can watch decorating shows while I suffer. Notice that I have the closed captioning turned on...that is so I know what is being said...since I can't hear over my heavy breathing.

I've always hated my arms and this little machine promises to make them beautiful.,,I can't wait! Notice how much I look like I'm enjoying it?

And here's my personal trainer...DH. He makes me crazy because he does not sweat. Believe me, DH cuts me no slack at the gym...Bob and Dolvett from The Biggest Loser look like pussycats next to my Hank! Between DH and my world's best WW leader, Mary Elizabeth, it seems as if I should be down to 90 pounds by now.

Today DH started me on the jump rope. I figured that would be easy...NOT!

At least I haven't needed the handy little defibrillator yet. But I do have just one question: If going to the gym is so good for me, why is there one of these on the wall???

Guess it's been a few years since my sisters and I actually thought jumping rope was fun!

I'm still determined to get this last 10 pounds off and reach my Weight Watchers goal...if working out doesn't kill me first. I have a feeling that the last 10 is going to be tougher the first 37...but, call me crazy, I just won't give up!

Have you ever joined a gym or tried to lose weight? I'd love to hear your story...

Yours in Sweat,

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Plates...Not Just for Dinner Anymore!

I love plates...old, new, chipped or crazed...they seem to speak to me.

I also love hunting for these which I recently found at Goodwill for $2.00 each. They're not particularly old but I love the red color...

and welcoming message on each one.

 I'm especially drawn to red and white transferware plates and... 

like many of you, enjoy hanging them on the wall. These are in the dining room.

Talk about frugal decorating...the plate hangers cost more than some of these flea market plates!

This is a little grouping over my daughter's bed...we bought these sweet little purple plates at a B & B in England...they bring back happy memories.

Last Saturday night I decided to arrange some plates over our bed. It's amazing how many ways you can drive yourself crazy trying to lay out just  six plates!

And here they are on the wall. (DH finally noticed when he slid into bed and asked sleepily, "Are those plates above my head?")

After DH  fell asleep under his plethora of plates, I headed to the computer to relax with my favorite blogs...only to find that sisters Erika and Miriam at Be Book Bound had just published this photo. I love  how these red and white plates look in their dining room.

So of course I had to click around see what other bloggers had done with plates. Aren't the colors in this arrangement wonderful? They make me long for spring! The photo was posted by Melaine at My Sweet Savannah.

Now that I have my plates least for now...I want thank all of the bloggers who took the time to send me craft and fundraising ideas for our team to use to raise money for the American Cancer Society at this year's Relay for Life.

Aren't these ribbon pins adorable? This sweet idea was sent by Laura...

Who also sent this...Yum!

Thanks as well to bloggers Patty, Kathy and Vickie for sharing your ideas. It seems I may baking cookies for Relay this year...

At least I've got plenty of plates to put them on!

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