Friday, December 17, 2010

Got Skates?

a Post from Andi:

"Nancy Memorial Skating Pond" is officially open; it's in the woods behind our house in Yarmouth.  Who could ever forget Nancy skating through the swamp when we were kids in Westport with her skating skirt and stocking cap? 

I have also been on a new Facebook game called "Cityville" and created "Nancyville"... complete with Nancy's bakery.
Odd thing about this picture I took at the pond:  there is an "orb" in the top right corner.  None of the other pictures taken from that angle showed the orb.  Nancy???


Cheryl said...

Not sure I'd still be able to hobble around on figure skates, Andi, but I'd like to check out your new rink someday:-)

Ann said...

Dear Cheryl,

Thank you for letting me know about Nancy's passing. I had been very busy and had not been following your blog.

It is good that you are grieving by writing. I wrote a lot when I was grieving for my baby son. Do you remember why I followed your blog? And I replied that that was when I first started blogging, and I wanted to read about people suffering so I can comfort them.

Now I will walk with you as you grieve for Nancy. I started this comment saying, I was busy. I was busy because I started writing my book, about grieving and how I survived.

The skating pond: when I was in Canada, in 1976, a 10 year old boy made his own skating rink in the garden of our apt block. I don't have snow in Auckland, but when I talk about the skating rink, I will remember Nancy.

I will pray for you and your sister and your family.

Thanks for following.