Friday, December 31, 2010

New Friends for a New Year

I am so excited to have so many new Followers to this blog. Many of these ladies have amazing blogs of their own and I wanted to introduce some of them to you.

First is Brenda from Cozy Little House. She lives in East Texas and takes the most incredible photographs of her home and gardens. In fact, Brenda just cost me $300.00...I was so inspired by her photos that I upgraded the wonderful camera Wendy and Rob gave me for Christmas to a higher end model that will do macro photography. (Oh, no...I feel the first stirrings of a new creative obsession coming on!) Brenda was kind enough to feature My Sister's Cottage in her "Welcome Wagon Friday" post today which has brought some wonderful new followers to this site. Be sure to check out Brenda's other blog, too, at A Fairy In My Garden. Hank had no idea that there could be a fairy garden in East Texas, too...quite the competition for his "Wizard's Forest".
Then there is Linda from Ohio whose blog is French Hen Farm. Linda and I have discovered so many similarities in our lives that we're wondering if we might have been twins separated at birth. Linda crafts with her little sister, who is an eight-year breast cancer survivor. She describes French Hen Farm as a big, red barn surrounded by perennial gardens, an old willow tree, and 100 acres of farmed land. She and her sister love antiques and have semi-annual barn sales at their farm...don't I wish I lived closer! Her sister collects McCoy pottery, as I do, and, strangest similarity, we realized from photos on our blogs that our fathers, who both passed away in 2005, look quite a bit alike. And Linda's favorite Christmas cookie? Why tea balls, of course!
Another of my new blog friend is Debbie from Pennsylvania who is a four-year cancer survivor who loves crafts, dollhouses and Victoriana. Her blog is called Debbie Dabble. Grab a box of tissues before you read her post about the elderly man with lung cancer who made her a can find it here .
And then there is Amy from Oregon whose blog is Into Vintage. She loves making new things from old things, and especially loves vintage textiles.
And Joyce from Michigan whose blog I Love Pretty Little Things features some wonderful craft ideas.
And Linda from Minnesota, whose blog Itsy Bits and Pieces reflects her love of "junking".
And I can't leave out Sewn With Grace , a blog created by Renee from Michigan. She creates beautiful hand-sewn and knit items that will make you want to rush to the fabric store and try some of them yourself.

And so many more...I will feature more of my new Followers and blog friends in future posts but this should be enough to get you started on this morning's tour through blogland. Enjoy!


NanaNor's said...

Happy New Year Cheryl to you and yours. Loved reading about bloggers I haven't yet met so going right now to visit(of course now I'll spend the whole day in front of the 'puter
So looking forward to visiting here and getting to know you and your sister-through your memories and eyes.

Sewn With Grace said...

It is quite an honor to be mentioned in your post today. Keeping you in prayer as you head into the New Year. It will be fun to see what we will all create together! Blessings!

Pamela said...

What a dear, precious blog to honor your sister. I don't know you (yet!) but I still hate that you had to face such a hard and painful heartache. I will be back to your blog so I can read from the beginning. I so hope 2011 will be a year of renewal for you.

Anonymous said...

Leslie and I reread your craft room clean out blog together and we were in stitches and tears remembering all those fun times. You did forget to show and comment on Nancy's flower pot sculptures....maybe in the spring. I wish you a wonderful New Year...I hope to see more of you and your family.

Cheryl said...

Sandy & Leslie,
Now, with your comment, I have proof that I don't make this stuff up...I couldn't if I tried! From the time stamp on your comment, I can tell that you are having a New Year's Eve about as exciting as ours...Hank in bed by nine before skiing with the boys tomorrow. Happy New Year to all! ~Cheryl

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Thanks so much for featuring me!! I am so honored!!
Hope you are having a lovely day!! Happy New Year to you and yours!!