Saturday, December 4, 2010

Inside the T@B !!!

I was excited to hear from my childhood friend Jane who was reading the Blog and asked if she could see inside the T@B! Mark and I get used to being asked that question all the time. These are old pictures but I love the "tacky New Hampshire memorobelia" I have since bought at Walmart for the shelves. I also love my $3.00 bear snow globe from Lost River, New Hampshire. Mom insists I "bring that bear spray" whenever we camp there !


Joanne said...

I'm hoping Cheryl will help me with curtains next year !

Cheryl said...

Our sister, Joanne, has joined as a blog author! The blog will be even more fun now as we add to each other's post like Nancy and I did. Glad you're here, Joey. Love the photos of the makes "trailer trash" a whole new decorating genre. Keep on blogging!
p.s. Curtains next year for sure:-)