Saturday, April 9, 2011

Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood

If you've been following this blog, you know that I love spending quiet time in my craft room. But, it's not always quiet up there...and I'm not always alone. That's because the craft room is also the "secret clubhouse" of the YaYa Sisterhood.

Here is the sign that usually hangs on the banister at the top of the stairs to the craft room.

But, when one of the "Sisters" really needs to "meet", it gets this...

We put on our pink and purple YaYa crowns...
and get right into it!

I am the oldest of four sisters, followed by Andi, Nancy and Joanne. Like most sisters, we've had a lot of personal drama to deal with over the, jobs, children,! So now my DH knows that when one of the sisters, or my friend Sandy, comes over and says, "I really need to go up to the craft room...right away", he'd better step aside immediately...a major crisis is facing one of the "Sisters". We race up the stairs, quickly turn the sign, don our woman-power crowns, and prepare for battle! A lot of problems have been solved in the craft room...and a lot of laughter has followed.

We haven't had a meeting of the YaYa's since Nancy passed away, but the crowns are still there and the stairway of secrets is still unobstructed. Maybe losing Nancy was such a big YaYa crisis that nothing else seems to call for a meeting anymore...but somehow, I doubt it. Sisters will always need each other.

I couldn't find a photo of Andi and Nancy in their crowns so I had to post this...not crowns exactly, but the closest I could come.

If you have a sister, or best friend, hold her's a YaYa thing.
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Jenny's Heart said...

What a great post. I'll be seeing my sister's tonight, I am also the oldest of 4 sisters and one of my sisters is named Joanne as well.
I think I'll give them all an extra hug.
Happy Pink Saturday.

Ann said...

Love your ya ya sisterhood craft room sign. I'm ALSO the oldest sister of 4 sisters!! I really try to do a lot of hugging and having special times together.

Betsy said...

I wish I had a special place like your "craft room." I'd love to be able to shut the door and walk away without having to clean it all up every day. Better yet, to have a special "club house" just for girls. Love that cute little sign. I'm the oldest of three with one sister who is eight years younger. We've always been very close....I really enjoyed this post.

Feathers and Flight said...

Good Morning Cheryl!
I am so Glad that you Found Me so I could Find You!! !Your Blog is Wonderful! I Love that you have Dedicated it to Your Dear Sister. So Very Meaningful and Special.
You Know you are Reminding me that I Need a Ya Ya Craft Room! I Love the Sign!
So Happy to Have Found you!
Happy Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the BEUTIFUL picture of 2 of the younger Stunning Smith Sisters .
Maybe we should be glad that we haven't had to have a recent emergency Ya Ya meeting, but I do think I look better in my Ya Ya crown than in the mushroom hat. Love the blog and a lot of others do too, Cheryl.

Did I ever tell you no one could have a better big sister than you? If I did, I haven't told you enough.

So for all the world to Know:

You have always been my rock, my detective in need, my Mom in abstencia and the best big sister. Thank you.

Love, Andi

Kathleen said...

Hello again,
I'm having a good time browsing through your blog. Had to stop here when you mentioned the Ya Ya Sisterhood. I loved that book! I also love the idea of all you sisters up there putting your world in order.