Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Quick Trip to LL Bean

Had to make a quick trip to the LL Bean flagship store in Freeport, Maine and thought some of our long-distance Followers might enjoy a tour. Lucky for me (but not my wallet) we live only about 20 minutes away. Now that I think about it, even my car is from Bean's, sort's a Subaru Forester LL Bean edition and, of course, it's green! Had fun browsing, photographing some of the holiday displays, and enjoying a hot cup of coffee by the waterfall...had to pass on the chocolate scones due to my pesky little "lose 25 more pounds in 2011" resolution.  The holiday lights in the photos are created by an artist named Pandora LaCasse, who also does the lighting displays in downtown Portland...even prettier at night. Here is an article about her work: Pandora Lights.

It was 50 degrees outside today here in Maine...pretty warm for us on New Year's Day...snow is melting fast. I'm not quite ready to break out my LL Bean flip-flops yet... but it's tempting!


I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Happy, Happy New Year, my new blog friend! I hope that you have a bright and hopeful start to this new year.
Love, Joyce