Monday, January 31, 2011

Connie's Purse

Just a quick note to introduce you to my friend, Lakeesha, who has just started her own blog, Connie's Purse. Lakeesha lives in Chicago and recently lost her aunt, Connie, who was like a mother to her. Connie was only 53 and her loss was unexpected. In order to deal with her grief in a positive way, Lakeesha taught herself to blog. She posted her first entry tonight. In her blog description, Lakeesha says,  "I named this blog Connie's Purse because she had an eye for fashion and loved shoes and purses. As a Classy Lady she often had items you needed right in her purse. Just like most of the things we need in life are right beside us and we don't even realize it." So true.

I want to wish Lakeesha the best of luck with her blog. Maybe we've unwittingly started a new blog genre...creative grief. Not a club any of us wanted to belong to but one way to cope by sharing our memories of someone special who is gone too soon. So, Nancy and Connie...this one's for you.


Lakeesha said...


Thank you so much for your support and inspiration. It is greatly appreciated.

You are so right...It is not a club any of us would have signed up for but what a great outlet blogging is to help us cope.

I am sure my aunt Connie has already introduced herself to Nancy and they are both watching over us.

Many Thanks To You!!