Monday, May 30, 2011

Painting a Hobbit House

Oh, my aching back...and feet...and knees...guess I'm not 20-something anymore! Today was gorgeous so I took advantage of the sunny, dry weather (finally...after weeks of fog here on the Maine coast) to paint the playhouse. In spite of the aches and pains, it felt good to cross another outdoor project off of the early summer "To Do" list.

Last Spring, we added this little house to the woods behind the "big house". We said we did it for the grandchildren...but who doesn't secretly wish for their very own playhouse to decorate?

We named it the "Hobbit House" because it sits in the "Wizard's Forest", a magical fairyland that DH has created for children of all ages who like to explore the paths through our woods.

Faeries live in the "Wizard's Forest"...

 and we've even spotted a few Hobbits on summer nights.

To get to the Hobbit House, you cross the bridge...

and arrive at the front door.
 We managed to get the exterior stained last summer but that was about it. Today my goal was to add some color to the little place.

 The back of the playhouse does not have a window, so I decided to paint one.

I framed it with a vintage window I salvaged from the dump. If you look closely, you can see right "through" the Hobbit House to the bridge on the other side.

Our "real house" has the street address of #1, so I decided to add an appropriate house number to the playhouse...(next time I'll erase the chalk outline before I take the photo).

 just so that the imaginary mailman can find it.

Since I was on a roll, I spent the rest of the  day painting the inside of the house...but I'm saving that big child-sized reveal for another post.

After all of the bending and painting today, I'm too tired to even care who the Bachelorette eliminates tonight...are there any eligible Hobbits in the group?
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Dragonfly Treasure said...

Can I come play in the woods too??!!

So adorable!! Love all the woodsy magic, now just to add some folk lore :)

Madison said...

Lovely. Is there enough room for me? Looks magical.

Madison xxx

Ann said...

Cheryl, I just discovered your blog and I'm truly touched by your determination to carry on Nancy's dreams. Your "forrest" is dreamlike alone. I adore the little house and YES I would love to have one to decorate myself. You did a neat job on the window. I love everything about your blog and I will be your newest follower.

Aaliyah Aldaco said...

Oh, wow! That's just wonderful. The landscape is absolutely perfect for that little playhouse. Indeed, a good day is always a great reason to do some work done outside the house, in the yard. It's a lot of fun, and the finished work is always enjoyable to look at.