Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Cowgirl Camper

"Casita" is the Spanish word for "little house"...and ours happens to be on wheels. We bought our little camper in September so this will be the first summer we'll be able to enjoy it. I've already had fun getting it ready...after all, what busy woman doesn't need another house to decorate? Especially one in which it's OK to try out whimsical ideas that might be a little too "out there" to work in the "real" house. I thought it would be fun to take you on a tour of my not-quite-finished "Cowgirl Casita". So...come on in..."Mi casa es su casa"!

Our dining area is just the right size for the two of us. And, when a grandchild wants to join us, the dinette folds down to make an extra bed. I loved this "Route 66" fabric and couldn't wait to sew up some curtains. It's definitely not fabric I would use in my home but, oh, so much fun for life on the road. Who doesn't dream of a vintage road trip down Route 66?

The photo on the the table is one of my sister Nancy and I "glamping" along the Maine coast on one of our "Sister's Road Trips".

Decorating a fiberglass camper with carpeted walls is definitely a challenge. I found these little clips at Staples...meant for hanging memos in office cubicles...and used them to display vintage travel postcards.

This is one of my favorites because it reminds me of our trip from Maine to to Texas and back  to pick up our Casita last fall.

This photo was taken in Arkansas on our way home...a beautiful spot for our first night in the new camper.

Vintage postcards just make me smile...

Since I have a "Texas Cowgirl Who Lives in Maine" theme going on here, I thought the camper needed some denim. I made a curtain to pull across the sleeping area at night. I just wanted to feel like I was curling up in a sleeper car on an old train heading west! Denim throw pillows soften the dinette area too.

And when I want to stay up late reading in the "dining room", DH can close the curtain and get some sleep...

I decided to sew some pockets on the inside of the "sleeper car curtain" for glasses and one for the remote...after all, we're not exactly roughing it.

I was thrilled to find this little pillow on eBay...

And what pioneer woman could make it all the way down Route 66 without a DVD player? Yup, I'm bringing Hugh Grant and Richard Gere on my next wilderness adventure. (Next time I'll hide the cords before I snap the picture!).

The little kitchen has a microwave and freezer. After all, what modern day cowgirl could possibly cross the prairie without some Orville Redenbacher's and frozen Margaritas?

Welcome to "el baño"...

Adding personality to this was like trying to paint on the inside of an eggshell. Decorating a tiny fiberglass bathroom on wheels is not for the faint of heart!

A few more finishing touches and this baby may actually be ready to leave the driveway...

In the meantime...

 Life is Good!

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Gina said...

So sweet! We have a vintage 1956 Trotwood Cub (the little canned ham style) we have been (slooowly) refurbishing for a couple of years. We are almost to the point of getting it in for a new exterior and wheels!

I loved the casita tour!

Sunny Simple Life said...

I love your touches. So Cute. We love camping and I have done our trailer in a lodge theme. I love the vintage postcards idea with the clip. I will be on the lookout for those.

Alana in Canada said...

Great tour. Lovely little home on wheels! You've made it cozy and comfy. It's just the sort of thing hubby and I want some day. Much nicer than those monster homes on wheels with the pop outs and the what nots... (Besides, who can afford to pull those things anymore, anyway?!)

abeachcottage said...

Love your personal touches to your home on wheels :) Looks cozy inside.

Lakeesha said...

Cheryl- I Love, Love Love the camper. It is super cute. The curtains, the pockets for the shades are my favorite. I wish I could go camping with you guys:)

Your blog girlfriend,


MeMeSue said...

Cheryl it is just too cute....just the right touches!

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

Your trailer is just too cute and a wonderful home away from home! Love it! I'm your newest follower and really admire that you dedicated your blog to your sister's memory.

Elsie said...

Cheryl~ Love your little camper. I have one too which I pull from LA. to Texas for the
First Monday Trade Days fleamarket.
My two daughters and pulling camper.
I have so enjoyed mine and I know you do
too. Mine is a Jayco Jay Flight, 19' which
I have named "Tootsie" and she can roll too.
I got her for my 60th birthday from my hubby.
I have decorated her with my own style. I
am getting ready to make her some burlap curtains and a new quilt for her bed. I love
the way you have made yours your own. I found you on Funky Junk Interiors. By the way Cheryl was my sister's name who I lost in Feb. this year, we did travel together. She had a motor home.

Greg Ward said...

Whoa! The size of your "Casita's" interior is surprisingly bigger than how it looks from the outside. And how you used that bandana as a window treatment for your bathroom is unique. Such talent in interior designing, Cheryl!

Greg Inward

Margaret Davis said...

Can you tell me how you attached the curtain rods?
I am making similar ones right now.


Margaret Davis said...

ECan you tell me how you attached the curtain rods?

Carolyn Houston said...

I enjoyed your blog. I am a fellow Mainer and recent Casita purchaser!

I chose denim for my interior as well - it really does suit our cute little eggs on wheels.

I am wondering how your postcard fasteners adhere to the carpet on the Casita interior?


K Sacca said...

I love your Casita. Your sister would be so proud. I am wanting to put curtains in ours as well.
Can you give me the directions how you did yours?