Thursday, November 21, 2013

Missing Old Blog Friends

I had so many blog friends at My Sisters Cottage and hope to get back in touch with many of you. I took a much-needed blogging break while I wrapped up my last year of teaching and prepared for retirement (Yay!) While this was going on, we were sorting through 30 years of junk downsizing, selling our big old Maine farmhouse and purchasing a smaller home near Casco Bay (aka "the ocean"). It was a crazy time.

When I was finally ready to start blogging again, I decided that it was time to "move on" in my blogging as I have been trying to do emotionally since my sister, Nancy (the "my sister" of  My Sister's Cottage) passed away. It is hard to believe that it has been three years since she lost her battle with ovarian cancer; it seems like yesterday and I miss her every day. In the spirit of moving on, I started a new blog, 22 Applegate Lane, which is where you'll find me now.


22 Applegate Lane is similar to My Sister's Cottage (because I haven't changed that much!) but is written from the perspective of a woman who now has more time to create, travel, and meet interesting people than she ever did before. I'm including features on Amazing Women, interesting Maine towns, decorating a downsized home, and what I'm learning in my 3-year effort to get and stay healthy ("The 150 Project"). Plus whatever else crosses my mind that day!


I miss so many of my old followers and friends and hope to get back in touch with each of you through 22 Applegate Lane. Thanks to bloggers Linda, Sherry and Pamela for finding me already!

Hoping to hear from you soon,


Pamela Gordon said...

Cheryl, I hope you get some responses from your old blog followers with this post. It would be difficult to rebuild that following again. I'm glad I found your new blog and have enjoyed your posts and getting re-aquainted. Blessings. Pam

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Cheryl I missed you so much during your blog break, but I completely understand. I'm glad you are moving forward and your new blog is fabulous! I hope all of you old followers find you here, I am so glad I did! WELCOME BACK sweet friend!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Cheryl I featured your new blog on my A La Carte FB page!! Hope it helps get the word out that you are blogging again.