Friday, November 26, 2010

Two Crazy Crafters

I found another really cute blog as I was surfing the Internet last night and forgot to credit it in my last entry for the vintage Thanksgiving picture I posted. The blog is called Two Crazy Crafters and can be found at They are a mother and daughter from Missouri who share their love of crafts and vintage things on their blog...lots of good photos for holiday decorating inspiration. Here is one from today's post:Love the pink McCoy vase and the non-traditional Christmas decorating colors.
This morning, I am off to Aaron's for a first to Nancy's house sinced she passed...not sure how that will be. I want to borrow some of her favorite recipes to share with you on this blog and photograph some her recent crafts and favorite things for you. (I feel a little like a female version of Jimmy Olsen - if you're old enough to remember him- cub reporter.)
The new blog actually has a "Follower" first one and it's my own son, Rob. Makes me feel like a real blogger. If you want to follow this blog, click on the followers button on the left will make my day!


kkorzeb said...

Okay Cheryl...I'm now officially a "follower"!! Not as cute as Rob's photo, I'll have to work on that! I love your idea of this new blog, and I look forward to stepping in every once in a while to comment!!

Thank you so much for the pictures you sent, they are awesome! Grammie is up there rolling her eyes at the pics of Grandpa you sent, but we enjoy them, and can't help but realize he truly was the life of the party!!